An Interesting Find…

So that is the self calendaring info for my court.

I looked at the calendar but nothing is scheduled but I would bet that either of those dates could be my date!

Fingers crossed!




3 thoughts on “An Interesting Find…

  1. Whoops..most important you would be in the 2nd category, not the first. However, I remember my trustee had the same calndr but motions don’t pertain to discharge-they’re,ex.allowing the debtor to incur debt, etc. I still say he has a spec day he doesdischarges cause it’s nothing more than getting a signature. If you have access to Pacer you could look up a couple of his cases and see the date for yourself, that’s what I did.

  2. That is probably one of your dates, I’d bet too. When we had to re-open our bankruptcy 2 years ago to get that lien removed that our attorney missed, we had to wait until their scheduled hearing dates, which was like only once or twice per month

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