This Wait is Horrible


4 thoughts on “This Wait is Horrible

  1. Hopefully you’ll know something tomorrow *biting my nails*. Pacer updates pretty quick after those hearings that are scheduled for tomorrow. It’s you, and I’m biting my nails for you too. (it’s something that happens when you’ve been going through the same thing for the past 5 years with someone πŸ™‚ )

  2. πŸ™‚ I’ve been wondering when you will hear too! So, how about an update on your job, condo, college girl while we are waiting with you??

    • Hi Sandra!!

      Yes! Where to start!

      Kid is enjoying college life at community college. She lives in a house with 10 other girls and is in heaven! She comes home rarely but when she does we go to the dollar tree and grocery store and stock her up.

      I always put chicken or pork in the crock pot and send her back with Bbq for sammies!

      That was the best decision we ever made because she is getting the college exoerience wo costing a fortune!

      Work! Omg four letter word. I will be 58 this May and I am hoping that I can retire from this job next year! I hatemy job and it is only going to get worse.

      I am the old IT broad and I am completely overlooked and irrelevant!

      I just come in, do my job and keep my mouth shut! Everyone is smarter than me anyway right? What could I possibly offer! It could not matter to me less!


      Since october, my last payment to trustee I have been chipping away at the condo and packing!

      Yep, my garage is full of boxes!

      I have painted and cleaned and still have a bit more packing to do, mostly craft stuff.

      I have a realitor ready to go, just waiting for the case to close and get lien strips!

      Health: been so stressed I am heading into a flare so seriously not feeling well. Then now I pulled my back out and sitting here at work in pain.

      Its not easy and the stress really is killing me but I am trying hard not to break down. Every day I dont hear something, I feel worse!

      So there it is!!! Thanks for listening!

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