Ok Uncle Already

Enough already!!!

I reached out to my atty… crickets! He ignored me. Maybe he’s on vacation, very possible.

But because I am at the end of my rope… I called the Trustees Office today!

In all this time I have never done that! My best advice is not to make a habit out of it! Stay under the radar, thats my advice.


I am so close and I need answers.

I was put through to the NICEST lady in the world who congratulated me and was super understanding.

She looked up the case and said they just need to file the final report and it will be done. She said they only files those once a month but did not know what day.

She also gave me the email of another lady and told me to inquire directly with her. That email went out 5 minutes after we hung up.

So hopefully I have helped bring my case to the top of the heap!

We shall see! Stay tuned!




4 thoughts on “Ok Uncle Already

  1. Interesting…sounds like your trustee follows all the steps to completion before sending your discharge. Most other trustees send you the discharge then work quietly behind the scenes to do their report filing, etc. (Cause it honestly does not impact your discharge and it’s their final duty as a trustee). As soon as he files, you’ll see a Pacer note that shows the trustee is no longer involved with your case and the final report is filed. You’ll get a copy of that for your record. Everyone says to avoid the trustee but I don’t agree. I had to phone a couple times and they were very helpful. As a matter of fact they said if you need any help or have any questions, we’re here to help. Your experience today tells me your trustee’s office is the same.
    Nonetheless, you are at the very very very end. Once that final report is done you are totally free!!!!! Is it your attorney who is helping you with your lien strip??? If so, kick him/her in the kneecap. Congrats, you’re really in the home stretch!

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