Well its not over yet but here is my answer from the Trustees office:

So sometime in March I will get the discharge and then after that we have the lien strip hurdle.

Getting closer to our party!!!!




7 thoughts on “News!!!!

  1. Hi..that is great news..congratulations! I know every district is different, but in my district and many others on the BK site, you should have received the discharge notice close to 1/25. The final report is just clean up by the trustee before he excuses himself from your case. Having said that, the final report has to be filed in order for you to start the lien strip, selling your condo etc. Sounds like you’re really close…party time soon 🙂

  2. Awesome!!!!! Just not sure why someone didn’t send you a copy of the discharge notice. It is usually sent separately from the final report. Does your status show as discharged. It should show discharge date and then after the final report is filed it will show terminated date. Congratulations, you are discharged!!!!

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