I have still not received my letter of discharge!

That is the next step, snail mail letter!

Its crazy how long this is taking! But even after the discharge there is the lien strip then it closes!

I cannot sell until all the above happens!

I have buyers waiting!!!!

Omg shoot me now!


Still in debtgirl


9 thoughts on “Crickets…

  1. Hey there..if you’re watching for the document on Pacer, as soon as it shows up, you can print it.
    You’ll be shocked what a small letter it is. And when you print it at home costs like 10 cents that you won’t pay if you’re under $15 for the quarter.

  2. I still think you should call the bk dept at the courthouse where you had your 341 meeting. Someone should be able to tell you how long the process takes. And no, you wouldn’t be causing a problem for yourself. You have a right to know. Your lawyer actually should be helping you out with this.

  3. OMG. I am surprised how this process is taking. Sorry, this nightmare continues.

    Thanks for sharing so I know what to expect at the end. I will make sure I make no immediate plans after the last payment. And probably not for at least six months.

  4. Kaite – what state are you in? I’m in Wa state and my discharge was very quick. Done and over in 3 months. Received my discharge 1 month after the trustee paid creditors for the last time. The extra 2 months was behind the scenes stuff that you get a copy of when it’s done (final report of distributions). Some states are just slower than others. (SORRY TO CUT IN, just want you to know that all discharges don’t take more than a month or two)

  5. Look I hate to add to your problems, but the 76 trombones and the 110 cornets are getting very antsy. They want to know when you are going to come out and lead them when they oompah up and down the square. Plus the cat has taken to biting. All that noise makes her edgy.

    Seriously, everything will eventually work out. Just hang on.

    Best wishes from Best Bun.

  6. I have 1 payment left in my bankruptcy.. Thank goodness.. I’m in Florida.. i have been told it only takes about 2 months after my final payment to get the discharge.. I hope it that’s quick.. I would hate to have to wait this long for it.. Crazy..

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