This Happened!

Its totaled! I am ok but yeah, that happened.

Anyway called my atty and he said no worries as I am DONE!!

So even though I have not got the letter he said its DONE!

I am still waiting to post my Discharge Party until I have that G D LETTER!!!

So now I have to find a beater car!

Have I mentioned I have the worst timing!!!!




6 thoughts on “This Happened!

  1. Debtgirl..OMG!!!!!!! I am soooooo happy to hear you’re ok (that’s the most important thing). When did that happen??? How did it happen (only if you want to share). I’m so sorry that it happened but
    I”M SO HAPPY that you’re ok. *big Hug*

  2. I was in a wreck in the fall. I was going through a green light and boom someone was in the intersection. When I had to describe what happened I really had no idea. Had I known I would have prevented it. It all happens so fast and is so unsettling. I was car shy for a bit. I hope everything goes smoothly with your insurance company. I really feel for you. There is really never a convenient time for car trouble. Chin up, that confetti has surely got to be here soon.

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