Maybe! I might get my discharge in June!!!

That’s 8 months after my last payment!

I have been crying for two days!

What happened in a nutshell?

Someone posted a claim! Out of the blue!

Long story we now have to deny it and my atty filing a motion.

Its insane! I am dying every.single.day!

I wish I never got myself into this nightmare!

Omg, shoot me now.


15 thoughts on “JUNE!!!

  1. Hey Debtgirl…take deep breaths and relax. I responded in the BK chatroom. The whole issue doesn’t make sense to me. As for waiting till June, why the heck do you think that. Your lawyer does the motion and presents it, should be done in a day. I don’t really see how this could be an issue for you, especially if you’ve been making all your payments outside the plan (just like some of us paid our mortgage outside the plan). It’s a good thing you called, you may have been waiting to be informed. It’s not done till the motion is presented and that should be quick (unless you have to kick your lawyer a couple times). Keep our chin up.

  2. Hi! Yes good thing I grew a pair and called!

    He has only 20 days or so to file for court date and he missed the only daye in April! He has a trail on the May date so only June date made sense!

    Thank you!! 😢😢😢😢

  3. OMG! That sure doesn’t seem fair. I don’t know much about Ch13 type but it sure seems like they should have had to file their claim by the time they approved your CH13 to go into effect. SO SORRY!

    • That’s kind of what happened to me…6 years after of CH 7 discharge, we go to sell our house and find out there is a lien on it from before BK…that our stupid attorney never bothered to tell us to check and make sure that hadn’t happened (we had no idea). So I had to get my BK reopened and the lien removed. Got a different attorney, he missed filing for the first months court date (May), then the court didn’t have any appts in June or something stupid, by the time it got fixed it was July. Hang in there!

  4. OMG, I cannot believe this. What a PITA!! Well, just hang in there, do you know who it was that did that???
    Stay strong!! And drink some wine:) that’s what I always do:)

  5. Oh good grief. Why would someone even bother to file a years-late claim? If they know enough about bankruptcy to file a claim, surely they know they’ve missed the deadline. Or have I got it wrong, and creditors can be paid for any claim submitted before discharge?

    • No they missed the deadline AND I have been paying it outside the BK the whole time!!!

      Its a student loan! I am completely confused!

      But this is costing me upwards of 2000 more dollars!

      My atty said its above and beyond, to file a motion and all that.

      Guess hes not done reaming me yet and he knows I just totaled my car!!


  6. Did you ask your attorney about why they think it can be filed late??? It’s a debt that isn’t written off because they didn’t file, so I’m confused to.

  7. Hi DebtGirl..how are you doing? Any new info from your attorney re. your student loan? I’m hoping for the best for you.

    • MAY have news this week! Please pray or send positive thoughts!

      A person can only handle so much and I am at the end of my rope!


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