Let’s Party!!!!


Thank you guys for sharing this journey with me!!!



29 thoughts on “Let’s Party!!!!

  1. Hi Dawn, it’s great to meet you! I can’t tell you how happy I am for you! I grinned all the way through your video. You have so much to be proud of – I hope someday you can share your journey with your daughter. You are AMAZING ! P S I love your hair, I had always pictured you as a brunette!

    • Thank you Sandra J! I
      Am almost a brunette now with lots if white!

      Its been a journey I am ready to put behind me for sure!

      Pinch me!!!!

  2. YAY! Congratulations! I have followed you from the beginning, and am so happy to see this post. While I’ve missed your daily blogs, I completely understand having to step back and not be reminded of it every day. I’ve been MIA from commenting, but always checking in. Not sure if you remember me, I had to stop blogging in 2015…. 😦 You’ve been an inspiration for my debt-free (non-bk) journey. I admire the fact that you kept this burden to yourself and didn’t tell your daughter. I was a kid who was put through all my parents financial woes, and it took a toll in the form of major anxiety. Anyway, thank you for sharing your road to being debt free and congrats on the discharge! I hope you sell your condo quickly and simplify your life for semi-retirement.

    • Thank you! Its been awhile. When my kid is older and we are hanging out over a cuppa, I will tell her the remember when story!

      Thank you for being here with me and I wish you the very best in your debt free journey!


  3. Congrats!!! So happy for you! I just got discharged a couple of weeks ago. Best feeling ever! Loved your video and your blog. It was such a good source of support.

    • Congratulations Bridget! We did it! It was bar none the most difficult thing,emotionally, financially and physically! But its over!

      Now moving on and taking the hard learned lessons with me!

      Thank you for following my journey!

      All the best!

  4. I couldn’t be happier about this if this was MY party. I have been following for so long, and cheering you along. I was just thinking of how much has changed in the years. You were always driving your daughter to MIDDLE SCHOOL and now she’s in college. I actually found your blog because I was looking for blogs about being sixty months away from retirement and wondering the most important steps. I was just captivated by your journey. I am beyond proud of you. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kimc! Thank you! One question? Are you retired??? I hope you are, or close.

      You have been a constant source of positive vibes for me! I cant thank you enough!!

      We did it! We got to this point. I honestly doubted it so many times.

      Yes I stared while my kid in middle school and here she is in college, working and living in her own.

      Perspective if just how long this has taken! Its a huge chunk out of ones life!

      Pls everybody keep in contact!

      PO Box 3282
      Thousand Oaks ca 91359

      Or Startknu@yahoo.com

      All the best Kim!


      • Not retired yet, my “sixty months” will be finished in May of 2019. It’s 10 hours later and I am still just smiling ear to ear with your news. You are so real and relatable, it makes it easy to cheer for you. It’s great to read these comments congratulating you. I recognize a lot of these bloggers and I think found them from your website. GIRL, YOU DONE GOOD!!!!!!!!!

        • Awww Kim! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!!

          Its actually do surreal.

          Stayed home today to clean, the photographer is coming on Friday!

          I think the place is going up for sale in the next few weeks.

          My realitor knows about BK and lien strips snd will make sure its tidy!

          I am more than ready to be out!

          Please keep in touch!

  5. I’m sending out the band. BTW you’re still cute. And gutsy and resourceful and amazing!

    Best wishes from Best Bun

    • Aw thanks Best Bun! Yes you are another who has been here since day one! Thank you for cheering me on!

      Best alwAys!!

    • Hi Janelle!

      I see you quit posting as well. Sometimes these blogs just do what they are supposed to do and then, well, thats it!

      Oh I wanted to add that I read alot but didnt comment because your blog as as another one, always made me log in And I always was in a rush!!!! I never could remember my login half the time!!!

      I wish you all the best!!

  6. SO happy for you!! I enjoyed watching your video and it even made me get teary a bit 🙂 I wish the best for you in selling your condo and getting moved to your forever home.

    • Thank you One! You are my very first commentor!

      I read you daily when you where going thru hell with that neighbor but then finally got to move! Not gonna lie, I was so happy and a bit envious. But more happy for you!!!

      I read alot but didnt comment because your blog as as Janelles always made me log in And I always was in a rush!!!! I never could remember my login half the time!!!

      I wish you all the best!!


  7. Way to go Dawn!!!! This was a wonderful party; I am so happy for you! Now clean your house, sell your condo and enjoy life. We’ll get together when you get up here to Oregon or Washington. I know the blog has to come to an end but I’m going to miss it! You have become a part of my daily life and I’m glad we both made it!
    XXXOOOXXX (sophieanne – aka Karen)

  8. OMG, that is such good news. Loved the party video. I love Cupcake wine!!!! Well, I also like two buck chuck too…..so we have the same tastes!! You should be so proud. When we did Chapter 7 it was as you said, embarrassing and we too learned a lot. As for retiring, my husband is 67, healthy and still has to work full time to keep us going. Especially the health care. So glad you daughter is doing well too and good luck with your condo sale!!!!!
    Best to you in all your future endeavors!!!!

    • Thank you so much! My best to both you and your husband!

      Yes not working at all is not an option but if I can take advantage of this market I will have a wonderful down for my forever home!!

      Thank you Chris for being on this journey with me!


  9. Congratulations no debtgirl !! What a mountain you climbed. You are an inspiration to anyone who is struggling financially. Good luck on the next leg of your journey.

    • Thank you Terri!

      It has been a heckofa 5 plus years!

      I am still over the moon. Its like I have been here so long, I dont know anything else!

      But it is, its over! I did it and I am completely blown away!

      Thank you for your kind word!!!

      No Debt Girl!!

  10. Yay! I do hope you post something here and there in the next few months, it would be nice to know what you’re up to. But most of all, best of luck to you!
    Anon in mass

    I could hear your kitty playing in the background. 🙂

    • Thank you Kay!

      Will update end on April!!

      Thank you for following me and supporting me during this most difficult 5 years!

      Its over, I still cant believe it!


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