Hello and welcome to Sixty Payments.  This is where you will find me blogging my way through a Chapter Thirteen Bankruptsy one day & one payment at a time.

I have a full time job, I am a mom to a teen (gah!) have two cats and live in a tiny condo in the middle of one of the wealthiest areas in So. Cal.

I blog anonymously but plan to reveal who I am at the end of this long journey! Once I am discharged, I will sing it from the rooftops!

Getting to this point took years, but mostly a costly law suit,  the fall of the real estate market and a some bad financial decisions put me here.

I offer a mish/mash of posts, from good deals at stores to inexpensive meals, low cost things to do to keep busy as well as posts about the emotional ups and downs that happen during this journey.

It was not easy making the final decision to choose a Chapter 13 as a financial solution.  It took months!  I went up and down, back and forth; what a rollercoaster it was and still is.

May 2012
Okay, I am gonna let them foreclose and then do a chapter 7.  Just walk away.  Rent for crying out loud, everyone else is!
June 2012
No, I love my place, it’s so convienient, I’m gonna stay and just do a Chapter 7 and get some debt relief that way, just get rid of the credit card debt.
July 2012
No, I think I will do debt consolidation.  OMG, forget that drama.  Those companies are shiesters!
August 2012
No, I think I am going to forget it all and just keep making my payments and get deeper into debt.  I can do this!
September 2012
Okay, I am going to do a Chapter 13 which will allow me to  keep my condo, pay back some of the debt and learn to live without a credit card and within my means!
October 2012

Now head over to the Events page to see what is happening and then head to the Payment page to see where I am in the process and how far I have to go!  Wish me luck!

Contact me at Debtgirl2012@gmail.com, I would love to hear from you!



28 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve never seen a blog for this purpose but I think it’s a really good idea. Something more and more of us are on the verge of facing because of this lovely economy. Hang in there!

    • I know its a really weird blog and I hope that I dont’ see too many others in this position. But if they are, I hope they come here and we can share the JOY of it all! 😉 I love your blog, I checked it out. Take a look at this post, it might come in handy:

      You will at least laugh~

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  3. I am getting ready to file Chapter 13 and have been googling and reading when I came across your blog. I am scared from reading so many stories that this decision has left them unable to live a basic life of putting groceries on the table. Love your attitude.

    • Hi Lynn, first of all, you are not alone. There are lots of people that have to go this route and the something that my lawyer told me when they saw my distress is: These laws are in place for consumers and don’t feel guilty about it. I had major guilt as I am a responsible person who got in over her head.
      The second thing to keep in mind is that this is not supposed to be punitive! You should be able to breath once you are in a BK 13. Your payment should not set you back every month like the payments to the debt did.
      I am really learning to live with a set amount of money, sometimes its pretty tight, others I feel like its not so bad. Budget is key.
      I am heading up to one year soon and so far, its doable. And I am keeping my property and if nothing horrible happens, I will be so much better off than if I didn’t do it. Good luck and keep me posted, I would love to hear more about your experience!

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  5. Good luck… I think it’s not that bad living without credit cards… I have never relied on them myself… and I feel it’s not that difficult without them…

    Best wishes for your journey.. 🙂

    • Thank you! I have always used them so its a nasty habit to break. I have one now with a whopping 500. Limit that comes in handy for car rental and a online purchase for my kid golf, but it gets paid. I have done well without it and will continue to live like this. Its a tuff lesson! Thank you for stopping by and YES never grt started using them, its terrible cycle!!! Xoxo

  6. Hi, I am just starting process of Chapter 13 after the courts dismissed the Chapter 7. Overall has things been okay? Has there been area thats been a problem. I am not sure how they expect you to saving for an emergency….like when a appliance quitting, car breaks down. I am just so worried about this payment plan. The process of coming up with my disposal income is crazy, have resorted to calling it fuzzy math.

    • Hi Katie, sorry you had to join the BK Club esp this time of year. Its never easy but this is tuff time.

      Its not easy and you nailed it when you wonder how you can save for emergency! You really can’t, at least not reliably, because there seems to always be something.

      However if you are lucky one and get to keep your tax refund that would be a huge help. My trustee takes mine and its so hard to break even. Either I pay her or taxes!

      You just have to juggle and you will get good at it! You have to drop your standards. But I have learned that what I thought was better because I paid more for it is just foolish! Like haircuts and clothes, etc.

      You can budget food and save there. No more going out to dinners, just fast food once in a while. Like I found a happy hour sushi place and we only get it there half off once a month or so.

      You buy used! My furniture is from goodwill! Take a look at past posts.

      I still live in fear when the toilet starts to overflow or now the heater is acting weird but I try to take it day bu day!

      Once you are in you are in! You can do it, just stay busy and look at what it will be like when you are discharged!

      Good luck and come back and share!


      • I have been reading parts of your page. I read the post back in late 2012 about the budget. Those numbers are the same years later. That’s crazy. This is a personal question, so if you don’t want to answer its okay. Is your family in the area? If not, did you get an allowance to see them. That’s one of the biggest problems with my budget. All of my family is thousands of miles away….not even driving distance. I want allowance for plane tickets. I would have to say that has to be a huge problem in some cases.


  7. @ Katie I hope you are doing ok!
    The budget hasnt changed and things such as mortgage and HOA have both gone up slightly. Everything chgs, 5 years is long time!

    You can modify your BK if you lose pay or get a better job, etc. You have to contact atty, never contact trustee. Only send them $$$. Stay under the radar.

    As far as travel. I would bet 100% that they will not care if you see family or not. That is not considered a need. I have been up once or twice, mine lives 1000 miles away, but it was not easy! I was not able to make it to my own mothers funeral, but I was glad to see her last ChristMas when she was alive.

    I have been too proud and not told a soul, but I finally told a brother and he is going to help my daughter get a car in 2016 as I cant afford that! I dont know how I am going to afford the added expense of her car!!!

    As far as travel its not a fixed expense and I would say not in the budget. Can you ask a friend or family member to help?
    I have done this completely alone, if you have emotional or financial help from a bf or husband you are way better off.
    I also have colitis, lucky me, so i have the added stress of chronic illness. I add that to let you know that if I can do this so can you!
    You have to look at bigger picture, what will you life look like when you are done with BK and then decide if it is worth it.
    Its not easy, but not impossible.
    So bottom line is dont count on them adding a travel line item in the budget, but do make sure you add every expense you have! Oh and if your car is older I suggest getting a new one now before you file. Everyone does it, I sure wish I did because now mine is 10 years old! Talk to atty about that, hope you have a good atty! You got this, its worth it if it works!
    Xoxo Debtgirl

  8. Glad to see from your posting you had a good Christmas. I find it sometimes the simplest things that make life more enjoyable. Even with my looming financial crisis hanging out there, I was able to pull it together to have a good Christmas. It was weird not being home for the holidays. Figuring, I better get use to see them less frequently.

    The colitis has to be a challenge. As I haven’t had any medical problems till recently…i.e. not sleeping, waking up at weird hours and stomach issues…stress does wonders to the body.

    I probably should find someone to share this with. Its just so hard. I am not good at sharing. I understand your statement about being proud. I am also worried about being judged.

    Does you daughter dad help out with her expenses? As that area I receive no support which is a sore spot with me. I agreed to to move away from family so those two be together and it hasn’t happened. Meeting folks to hang out has gone very well either, so this last couple of years has been a really struggle.

    The case…I when back to the lawyer with the fuzzy numbers in a real budget. Asked him to explain to me how I was supposed to make it work with I was in the red. Those fuzzy numbers are so crazy. I make my budget off of two paychecks a month but as we all know there are a couple extra ones in the year. What do the fuzzy math people do, they average that into your monthly income. I asked why can’t I make a extra payment with that extra checks come in. Not sure how that effects others but that add a few bucks where they don’t exist in that month. So, we are supposed to be meeting with the trustee sometime next week. Won’t that be a fun visit.

    Thanks for listening

    • Hi Katie, I am so glad you were able to pull of Christmas!

      Those extra 3 times a month pay checks are not extra! It all averages out and mine are alwAys gone😔

      As far as making extra payments, that wont speed things up! The trustee will just say thank you! It also depends on if you are in 100% payback or not. Find out! If you are in 100% paybAck you can get extra work and the trustee wont care.

      I am not 100% payback so she takes every DMI!

      Its good to share! I told nobody! Now that I told my bro we havent spoken about it since. But he did not judge me, he actually gave me credit for paying back as much as I could in a 13!

      Are you a three or five year! I hope a 3!!


      • Ahh. So I’m 100% payback which is why I keep my tax returns and any bonuses from work. But you’re right- living with the budget they’ve alllowed is super difficult. I feel like there is not enough to cover everything.

        It’s painful to know I’ve gotten myself in this mess. Kinda wishing a credit card won’t show up and I get a break in the balance. We don’t have confirmation until next week.

  9. Hi DebtGirl!

    I’m so glad I found you while I’ve been searching the web about my chapter 13 issues. I received my 2nd annual report from the trustee and trying to get a hold of my lawyer who seems to not care and won’t return my calls. I began my my 60 month journey back in June 2014 and wish that these months will go by quickly! Ugh! So frustrating but I know I will see the light at the end of this loooong tunnel! Wishing you a Happy New Year!


    • Hi Erlinda, so sorry you are in this financial situation.

      The statements are a normal part of the process, I should be getting one soon too.

      Best to fly under the radar. Always, like you said, direct questions to your atty and not trustee!

      Dont be crazy like me and not stick to a firm budget! I would be better off if I had! I mean of course I watch it but I could and should have been better every step of the way!

      So get a good budget in place!

      Glad you are here together! We got this!!!!


  10. Hi Erlinda and DebitGirl,

    I am glad to have a place to ask question of others that are going thru this process. In reading past post from DebitGirl, I am having my lawyer right that my tax returns are paid to the trustee only if there is a positive outcome. Was afraid getting a refund from one agency but owing to another and I am on the hook. Next step is to get the trustee to accept it. Keeping the fingers crossed as I have been told she is very by the book.

    I am working on living on my future budget. What fun that is especially with a teenager who eats non-stop to fuel the growth spurts. The shoes and other items from the beginning of the school year are in the pile for the resale shop. Hoping to get a few bucks from them. I can see the budget for clothing will be going to him.

    I am trying to convince myself this a trail run for retirement. That is a many years away but this should be good gage on life on a budget.


  11. Its been good seeing your posting as it gives me hope I will get thru this madness.

    The last week has been another nightmare with the trustee. Its been a struggle getting thru the days lately. I keep telling myself that it has to get better. Do you find yourself have good and bad periods with this process? Sorry for being so negative. This is making me a nervous wreck. Waiting on my new confirmation hearing date from her list of demands given to me five days prior to the original confirmation date. The doozy on the list requires me drag my ex into the process….not sure how thats going to go.

    I give you so much credit for getting thru this.

    • Aw Katie! You are in the worst stage! It does get better, then it gets hard, then it gets better again. All that mostly depends on your mental perspective.

      After confirmation which in itself is piece of cake, you will settle in. The first year is hard because its new.

      You will find your stride! Promise! Just keep your goals in site!

      Its not an easy process but worth it in the end.

      Remember, it is not a punishment its supposed to help you. Lower payments, no interest, out of debt!!!

      You got this, be strong!


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