Sunday Stuff

Hi guys.  

It’s nice to relax this morning after getting up early and hiking yesterday.  It was so hot!  Plus there is another fire in So Cal that has been going for quite a few days so the air is bad.

I am concerned that I won’t have enough $ for the road trip.  I will make it happen but it will be a skimpy one fo sho!  Things keep popping up, groceries and gas, golf stuff, etc. I was at Wallmart and picked up school supplies and while I was there, shampoo and laundry soap and some golf balls, tees, and other stuff. $90.00 later.

Things seem extra expensive to me these days!  Gee, I wonder why! 

Today I am going to stop by 99 cent store for a couple of things on my way back from cat sitting.  My friend and his wife are on a two week road trip to Indiana and I always take care of the kitties and the plants.  He does the same for us.

In artsy fartsy news, I finished that background:

I haven’t decided what to do with it but it was fun.

I also made a pic for my other sister:

I have to add that to the package and get that sent soon.  That background was fun and a little more texture.

After yesterdays hike I stopped at a thrift store and picked up a couple golf shirts for my kid and a some art stash.

I found this book on dreams:

That will make really cool collage!  Oh and an old wedding mag:

So many pretty images in that.

So today should be a low key day. 

The air conditioner is shutting itself off more and more.  I dont care what the guy said, its not normal.  It didnt do it last year, did it? 

My car is running rough, my washer is not agitating and the list is endless!  But yes!  We are going on that dam college tour! 😁

I have laundry that needs to be done, you can’t hang towels!  I draw the line!  I only use the washer for lightweight clothing.  Never the dryer!

Its getting pretty close to my ONE YEAR LEFT mark and I can say with certainty that its going to be the hardest!  Things are just falling apart and its my kids senior year and so many expenses!  

Its costing me 140.00 a week (most weeks) just to get her tutored for ACT test!  Its crazy right now!  How am I going to maintain that for the next 6 weeks?  Lol!

But you know what?  I got this!  One crisis, one expense at a time!  

I have said it before… If this financial plan works it will be awesome, if it doesn’t then I am screwed!  Lets just keep hoping for a successful discharge in 2017!

Have a great day!!!  Stay cool!





Hi guys.  How do you like my very otiginal post title?

Sometimes less is more! 😁

Its been a long, strange work week.  It’s just so bizarre here right now.

Kiddo has been off this week and won’t be working at the art camp until next week.  She has been keeping busy though.  Today she was up and out of the house before me to go hikng!  Alone!  Ain’t that great?

I am trying to fix an old Virtual Server that should be shot!  It’s a challenge but one I like if I dont break it even more!  😁

I look forward to my breaks today!  I have a idea in my little head that includes these:

Cut into these shapes:

I really wish I were working at some place  artsy fartsy!  But then I would say I wish I were working on something more technical!

I guess its the best of both worlds and I should shut the front door!  🌺👍

I better get into it!  I hope you are all well.

Can you believe how fast July went?  YES!



Song Bird Ornaments


Hello!  I started this project a couple weeks ago.  It’s so easy and fast, (and cute!)  I just don’t know what my problem was getting it done, but it is done now.

This project cost me a couple of bucks for a hole punch.  That’s it!

First I printed out the pattern and found some cardboard to use.  An old file folder did the trick.


Then I traced them.


Like so.


Then I cut them out:


I got quite a few.


I found some music online and printed that out.


Then I tore it up and Mod Podged it onto the cardboard cut outs.

First one side.


Let it dry and then  trim it around the bird.

If you Mod Podge both sides, you wont’ be able to see where to trim. (Something I would do.)

Then Mod Podge the other side.


Let it dry.

I decided to paint the wings white before I glittered them.  I think silver paint would have been better.

But this will do.


Add glitter, of course!


Now the birds are all dry and ready to fly.


After the glitter dried I used a hot glue gun to put them on.

FullSizeRender (3)

The final touch is the ribbon to either use to hang the ornament on the tree or tie on a package.


I’m using these as a little gift to add to the jewelry presents I’m taking to Oregon.

I think they are cute and that is my big holiday craft for this  year!  Winking smile

Cross that off my list of “To Do List” and now I have to get those Christmas Cards out!

What are you making this year anything?


Saturday Scoop

Hi there!  What’s the scoop?

What are your plans today?  Here’s the scoop in my little corner of the world.

Right now as I type this, I have a pot of chicken bone  broth  in the crock pot, since last night!  It just sounds better as just broth no?  Last night I stopped at Bristol Farms and picked up a Free Range roasted chicken and check this out:

Turkey necks!  I know!  They weren’t in the case, but  I asked the butcher and he went back and got me some!   These are free range, antibiotic free, hormone free.  I got two packs as I plan on making this “broth” a lot! I used some broth from my last batch to make our rice last night and so my daughter is reaping the benefits as well.

My healthy broth is cooking for 24 hours in the pressure cooker that doubles as a crock pot.  I’m so happy.  The benefits of this broth are AMAZING and I am not messing around with this flare.  Again, go here for a list of reasons to make this! Its a must have in any diet.

Also on my list of things for today is grocery shopping.  I want to go to Sprouts and Albertsons, after Golf Clinic of course.

Lots to buy for dinner on Thanksgiving but I already have a turkey breast in the freezer!  If I knew I was going to be on a soup kick I would have bought a small whole turkey!  No big.  I eat lots of lean protein daily as well.

Some items  are for Thanksgiving and some for staples, but all good deals.

I  want to pick up this Salmon.  It’s $2.00 off a pound.  I think I would like to try that mustard sauce I posted here.


I know, call me lazy, but I think prepared mashed potatoes are way better!


Gotta have this for my girl!


I am making my own cranberries.  When I bought these at the 99 cent store, I didn’t read the ingredients.  Full of



Gotta have something to snack on.


Albertsons has a few things and you cannot beat these prices anywhere!

$2.50 for butter!  That’s like half off.  I will buy 3~   I don’t use anything but real butter.


And really!?!  .39 cents!  I will buy 10!  We eat a lot of green beans!


There is more on my grocery list, but this is a snapshot of just some of the deals from the paper.  I swear if you watch the paper you can really stretch your dollar.  I am getting closer to my free pot!

Here’s what else is on my agenda for the weekend.

Yesterday I started cutting out some of these shapes!


I am determined to make some of those little song birds at some point this weekend.  My daughter said she might join me.  I printed out some sheet music to use.  So both free!

I would love to get a Christmas tree up!  I’ve been looking and Home Depot and Osh both got theirs in yesterday.  Home depot can’t sell until they get their permit and the guy at Osh told me they were just setting them up but might start selling today!  Its on the way back from Golf Clinic so that is convenient.

I would really like to have it up for Thanksgiving and take it down before we leave for Oregon next month.

My daughter wants to use our log cabin ornaments that I bought on a trip to Lake Arrowhead a lifetime ago.  So she is chief decorator this year.

So grocery shopping, a little crafting, setting up a tree and laundry.  That will make up my Saturday and probably some of my Sunday too!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and stay healthy and warm where ever you are!







Low Key Sunday

Today I’m hanging out at home relaxing and healing. Hopefully healing.  Seems there might be some progress but the thought to stay home from work tomorrow has crossed my mind.  Will see how I feel later.


Yesterday I was able to take my kid to her golf clinic and then we stopped at Trader Joes and Petco.  More on Petco in another post.  Titillating I know!

I ran out of instant oat meal so I bought some of the Trader Joes brand.


It’s so good!  I had two whole packets this morning and recently I started adding my almond milk to it. The warm oats with the cold milk is….. divine!!!  Heaven in a bowl I tell ya!


Trader Joes has fairly inexpensive Low Acid coffee and that is one reason for my trip there.  Its a must have if you have acid reflux or just need low acid diet.


Onto other things.

I have an idea!   Next to my bed I have a bunch of cables.  See?  (Please ignore the dust bunnies and the unmade bed)!


Really unattractive and a rather dangerous trip hazard, yep, first hand experience!

So I thought… why not move the mess to the other side of the bed, out of sight.  One problem, there is no table to put the laptop, phone or iPad on while charging and there is not very much room between the wall and the bed.


Ah Ha!  Light bulb moment!  I have this!


Its been out on my patio under cover next to my outdoor chair.  I pulled it out.  Lots of cobwebs, so I gave it a good cleaning.

I would have hosed it off outside but the hose is gone,  I did the best I could within the house.


Made kind of a mess, but there were so many cobwebs and I’m still nervous of the spiders.  Bug spray is on my list and I plan on spraying it soon!  JIC!


It fits perfectly in the area and now I have no more ugly cables and wires and a place to put the electronics while they charge.


Isn’t it great when we have what we always needed!  Right?


Off to do some laundry and puzt around s’more.

Maybe later today I will feel well enough to make a couple of these with what I already have on hand in my craft supply.

birdie ornament-0032

I just love them.  Simple and kind of elegant.

Have a wonderful Sunday friends.


Halloween Office Décor – 2014


First off all thank you all for the shot in the arm yesterday with your encouraging comments.  I really needed that.  I felt  like some of those things I wrote in the post had to be put out there even if I did not receive that negative comment.

I just want everyone to know that I know that I am soooooo not perfect!  Winking smile  I appreciate your patience.

It is almost Halloween and this year, like last year, I decided to decorate.  I saved a box of stuff at work and I saved the branched I painted, so it was easy just to pull them out and use them up.

The big difference is that I decided to decorate the hall outside my office instead of in my office.  it got pretty cramped last year!

So here we are:


This is actually outside the wall of my coworker.  He didn’t care.  He is new, so he probably thinks I am crazy anyway.  We sit so damn close we can actually hear each other chewing!  Gah!!!

This is the wall outside of my cubby.



I added a little fire.  Remember last year when I had a running video on a monitor of a fireplace?  It was so cool!


I made one out of construction paper this year and its cute even though it looks like a 2 year old did it!   Corny but cute!



Love the branches with the web, a 3D effect.  Ha Ha.


The other side.



So there you have it. Haunted Hall!

Do you decorate your office?  I have no idea why I have started doing it, I never did before!

I pulled out an old costume from my box in the garage, I am gonna be a Winch. Yep, that’s me.  Winch!

I saved a wine bottle and plan to print out a label for it.  FREE!

You dressing up?


Valentine Tree Decoration


Do you remember the tree branches I brought home at Christmas time and painted white?

Anyhoo… I kept them and I decided to make a Valentine Tree for our decoration this month.

I pulled out the branches and the Epson salt that I saved and put them back in the vase!


Then I got busy cutting out the little hearts, in two different sizes.


I used the same scrapbook paper that I used for the coasters that I never finished. 😉


I even used an old romantic paperback to add some interest.


I pulled out the glue gun and glued in some ribbon for the hangers.


Then I glittered them up.


You know how much I love glitter.

I strung a pearl necklace on the tree too.


Then filled it in with the hearts!


Its pretty simple.




And a little romantic.


So that is my valentine to me and my girl!

Do you have any crafts that you are making for Valentines Day?

Do share!