Garlic Oil Pasta & La-Z Saturday

Wow, what a week.  It almost took my breath away.

They say that life can change on a dime, and for me, it sure did.  Who would have known last Saturday when I was posting this that one week later, I would be in treatment for a medical condition I thought I would just have to live with because of affordability.

I truly feel like I hit the lottery.  But that’s all I am saying about that.  Well… unless the side effects get really bad and I have to vent and you poor reader get to listen to me vent as well.  Thank you for listening.

Today is a weird Saturday.  Kiddo is at a sleep over, its overcast which I love and I am kind of well, in limbo.  Should I write, should I walk, should I clean, should I blog?  You know, the kind of morning you can just crawl back in bed and put the covers over your head.

Heck after I post this, I just might do that as well. Winking smile  Why not!?!

I do know one thing.  I am making this later!


I have all the ingredients.

1/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil
2 cloves garlic, smashed
1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes
1/4 head broccoli, sliced into very thin florets, stalk peeled and cut into matchsticks
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
Few tablespoons water or pasta cooking water, if needed
2 cups penne pasta, cooked al dente (I use gluten free)
Parmesan cheese, for garnish
Read more at:

I really like this chef!  I love that I can watch her videos to make sure I am doing it right too.  She is also very inexpensive!  It’s a win-win for me!

If I see her cookbook at a thrift store, I am picking it up for sure.  I never watch her show because since I got basic cable I never know what is one when.  There is no menu that shows you any of that when you have basic cable.  That is the only thing I miss about the expensive cable, but it is totally not worth the cost.

So I am doing that… then I am going to the iPhone store to strangle anyone behind the counter with their cheapo iPhone cord.  Am I right?  OMG, what a piece of crap those things are!!!  I have like four of them that are useless.

Hope you have a great day.



Left Over Mexican

Hi there! I have been a Mexican Eating Fool!

First of all its gluten and dairy free if you buy the type of sour cream I buy.

Its so freaking good!


It has really helped me get some flava back into my Mexican!

The one thing I am hooked on, that uses up leftover chicken are these easy peasy tacos!

Just a few ingredients and lots if flava!

Corn tortillas
Leftover chicken mixed in salsa
DF sour cream

Heat tortillas in dry pan until slightly crispy:


I double them up, then add the chicken mixture, lime, sour cream and top with fresh cilantro!


We are in Mexican heaven!


Delish! You don’t even need cheese!

Other ideas:

Get some tortilla chips, top with ground turkey seasoned with taco spice, cheese. Zap till cheese is melty then add avocado, sour cream and salsa! BAM!

Or: cook up some rice, mix in the meat mixture and make burritos in GF tortillas.

(Can’t eat beans! :/()

There are so many cheap ideas with Mexican food! Enjoy



Stuffed Bell Peppers

Okay, I am not a cook and this is not really a recipe, it’s an idea.  It loosely resembles a method.  Winking smile


I started out by cooking some small yellow and orange peppers with onions in a pan and added the ground turkey, to that, I added dried basil, garlic, salt and pepper.   Then to that I added some rice I cooked up with beef broth. (Don’t ask me why I used beef broth, I had it, so I used it.)  Winking smile

The ground turkey was on sale for $2.50 each.  I think I need to see if it is still on sale, that’s like half off!!!!


I got that all cooking and in the meantime, preheated my oven to whatever it decides to heat to, but roughly 350.  I poured some canned spaghetti sauce to the bottom of a baking dish.


I cut some large red and yellow peppers in half and cleaned them out.  Now, what I didn’t do was precook them.  I will zap them next time, even though they were cooked enough. It will be easier for me to handle/digest if I do.

Then I added just a bit of the sauce to the mixture, enough to make it bind better and scooped it in the peppers.  I topped some of them with cheese, I didn’t have enough for all of them.  Then I topped that with the remaining sauce.


I covered and baked for 30 minutes then removed the foil and cooked a few minutes more until bubbly.


My kid went crazy!  She loved these.  I can’t tell you how happy it makes me when she likes what I cook.

I added some Texas toast from the freezer and there you have it. (99 cent store purchase).


A nice quick lunch.  (I topped with fresh cilantro!)

My kid eats out with her dad and at home with me, today she said she loves it when I cook like this!  She also loves tacos and burritos.  So she is easy.

Oh.. I used up the little peppers in the mix and then I chopped and put the rest in the freezer for another time.


Nothing gets wasted here if I can help it.

While I was cooking, my kid was working on a project.  She had to create a war diary from a fictitious soldier.

I have to share it with you.


I turned out so cute.


She made this up and she used things from what we have on hand in our very messy craft shelf.


I hope it gets her the extra credit she needs.

So there  you go, a really easy and satisfying lunch or dinner.

Taste just like my moms, who I miss more with each passing month.  But things like this help.

Hope you are enjoying Martin Luther King day!


TGIF & 3 Days Off

Hello hello! This Friday could not get here soon enough, I am exhausted.

Because of the holiday we get Monday off and I could not be more grateful.

I hope you get it off as well. If so, do you have any FUN plans? I will tell you right now, no surprise here, I have no FUN plans. I still look forward to being home, I find that fun! Sort of, minus the laundry, cleaning, ironing and cooking!

I hope to find some time to write but that always gets a “pin put in it.” 😄

I do have a couple things I would like to cook. I think I have all the ingredients. At least for my version of this:


I won’t follow any recipe and the peppers I have are the tiny ones, so it will be interesting. I remember when my mom made stuff for all 9 of us kids (and our friends) she could throw something together without a recipe. We all ate it up! Then ask, “what was that!” So I will try to make something up. Very scary

If you have any suggestions about a good method, I am all ears!

This recipe looks good too!


But that will be for another time.

Other than that, I am doing well on the budget, a little over on food, but way lower than if I had not been paying attention.

Today may not be a no spend as we need milk and muffins. I might get a mix, but we know how awful my oven is for baking! That just might prove too stressful and time consuming!

Whatever you are doing today I hope you enjoy yourself!

Stay safe and warm!


* Yay Dollar Store Yay *

Can I just tell you how relieved I am right now!  I know its odd, but a few weeks ago I went to not one, but THREE 99 cent stores looking for for my cold cream!

Remember when I posted about this great deal.  I cannot tell you how it freaked me out when the 99 cent stores were all out, as if they stopped carrying them.  As if Ponds made them stop!  As if there is a conspiracy against us bankrupt dollar stretchers!  As if!

So then I got to thinking… Hmmmmm… Maybe the Dollar Tree has it or something comparable.



I bought five!  I am so paranoid I won’t be able to find it again.  My kid and I use so much of this and Ponds is like 6 times as much as one of these.  I could buy like one jar of ponds instead of all of these.

Okay, crisis averted.   Calm down, breath!

I also picked up a bunch of other stuff that was ON and OFF my list.


These were not on  my list but do you know how much sugar free fruit is?


Too much!

Yes, I went over todays plan, but I am still within January Food budget and that is what counts.


I cannot tell you how the Dollar Tree and the 99 cent store saves me.  I just can’t see how I would make it without that extra push for my buck that I get there.

Right now,  I have a breakfast casserole in the oven. I had all the ingredients and I just want to eat up what I have.  I am using ham this time instead of sausage.  Hope it turns out okay.  It’s starting to smell good.  Have you tried this yet?  Its awesome to make in advance.

This weekend,  kiddo has a golf tourney and I am meeting a friend I haven’t seen in years, for a cup of coffee tomorrow.  Totally budgeted!  HA!

What are your plans this weekend?  I am doing the tourney, meeting a friend and then coming home and watching movies.  FREE.

Have a great rest of your day!


Mish Mash

Its getting close to the end of the year and I am so ready to be in 2016! Its been a long haul since I started this journey. I filed in 2012 but actually started to consider it in 2008, so its really been a long, long process!

I am tightening up my budget and trying to push my way to the end!

Found this old Weight Watcher recipe:


So after my turkey soup is gone:


I am going to the 99 cent store to buy ingredients for the veggie soup. I can add protein to it as well! Cheap! I plan on eating a lot of soup and panini for a while! But first I need to blow through my pantry and eat things up!

On another note! I found out that Washington state doesn’t tax pensions, so I might as well research property there as well!


I think the feds do though no matter where you live!

Today is the last day to wear my holiday pin so I am taking advantage of it!


Cute huh?

Cannot wait to get out of here today! Kid has a tourney tomorrow so I am having TW come and fix her Cable.

It hasn’t worked since I downsized my cable service! But she watches Netflix on her iPad. Which by the way I am going to hook up to my tv up to my laptop via HDMI, hopefully.

Let’s see… What else can I share (bore) you with? I think thats about it!

I sure hope my health holds up next year and I hope the time passes quickly!

Other than that it is just one foot in front of the other!


Panini Love

Good morning from Back To Work! Yuck!

Yesterday I binge watched Alone! Have you seen it? Ten guys dropped off in forrest in Pacific Northwest, last man standing wins 500k.

If that guy can endure that, then I can endure this!

Ok back to Panini Love!

I have been wanting a panini press for ever but the Griddler by Cuisinart is about 100.00! I found this at Target for 23.00!


We have been Panini fools! I found a way to make gluten free ones cheap enough!

I start with this:


Add this:


Add chicken, grilled veggies and low fat cheese:


Add some dairy free butter, but not really needed.



Then press until golden, crunchy brown!


Then climb back onto the couch and binge watch Alone on the History channel!

This is a great way to use up left over turkey and ham from the holiday!

Oh and I actually brought one for lunch today! I am not mad at that! 😝

Have a great day!