Monday Catch Up

Hello hello!

What a weekend!  

Its been so crazy!  When it rains it pours.

Last week I started to run out of UC meds and started to flare.  Saw the dr and he gave me some samples to tide me over so feeling better in that front….I think.

Kid sold her jeep and got another used, smaller car.  She called me from Santa Barbara on Saturday broke down and had to be towed.  Thank goodness I got her on Triple A 200 mile tow!  The mech looked at it and its about 400.00.

My Gracie kittie was seen last week by a vet for a UTI.  It seemed to get better but yesterday I saw blood.  I took her back and it was a nightmare.  The vet said she felt a mass but needed to take her in the back room to get a good feel.  10 minutes later she brought my cat back to me with a bleeding butt!  I freaked out!  I was in shock!  I just left!  I went to the nearest hospital and they said they did not feel a mass, they thought the other vet probably popped a clot or something, but we drew blood and will know more today!  It was a nightmare!

Today I am off to get my daughters and my teeth cleaned, I have another dr appt, need to pick up her car and we need to go to where the golf tourny is so that we can take the directors flowers as a thank you for being so good to us.

It has been so hot here that we sleep with every door and window open.  The AC is done.

I feel like I am crawling to the finish line.

I have my eye on the housing market in hopes that after we discharge I can just sell and be done with this chapter!

I will do a vlog soon!



Four More Months!

Can you believe it?  Pinch me.

Things are crazy!  Kids getting ready for graduation!  Her Prom is tomorrow night!  She is going to look beautiful.

She is doing her own hair and makeup.  She got a dress online for $65.00.  She’s using a pair of black heels she already owns.

I bought the boy a boutineer, will pic that up tomorrow.  I insisted she get the dress pressed, will pick that up too.  She needs some press-on nails, lashes, some sterling silver CZs and I think she will be all set!

She makes the cheap nails look professional.  

She also does a wonderful job on her makeup and hair!  I offered to take her someplace but she didnt want to!  Fine with me!

I just found this old post!  I can not believe how far we have come.

My kid was still in middle school.  Still in after school care even.  Now she is an adult!  Its been a long, long journey!

I am staying busy, doing art!  Can’t post pics here for some reason.  A storage issue I need to fix.

Anyway the key is to stay busy, don’t dwell and try to find some normalcy in you life!

I will touch base soon!

Hope you are all well.