A Little O T Never Hurts

Well that is unless your kid coughs all night long and keeps you up.

She has been sick for weeks with off and on something!  Gah! Poor kid!

Anyway…  I think I got to sleep around 2:00.  I wanted to be at work at 6:00 but opted for a little more sleep!  7:00.

But I am here!  

Wiping out some hard drives so I can get rid of the old PCs and monitors.

It a good thing to do on my day off cause nobody bugs me!

Throw on my pink tennies and go to work!

No plans this weekend. Do need to go to dollar tree, I have a list!

Hiking on Sunday and then back to the grind on Monday!

Kind of worried these days about the whole state of world affairs.  Its a scarey time we live in.

I guess Enjoy The Moment is more appropriate than ever!

Will post a vlog this weekend if I can!

I hope you have something fun planned?



Touching BaseĀ 

Can you believe its only Tuesday?  But the best part if this week is looking at the calendar and realizing there is only one week left in this month.

The months are zipping by now, faster than ever.  I hope saying that does not jinx me.  šŸ˜³

Been busy playing with paint.  I made some flowers last night:

I really liked how they turned out!

This weekend I sewed some paper pockets, that was fun!

And I decoupaged some napkins in some koolaid dyed paper:

Whoops!  This first image is painty paper.  Not koolaid!

I have been a crafting fool.  It costs basically nothing and it keeps me busy so the time flies!!

Its a win win.

Not much happening.  Will catch up soon!



Plugging Along

Hi guys!  Just want to touch base with you!

Seems like right now we are both not feeling well, kind if passing it back and forth!  My kid home with a fever today.  

I hope you are well!  The expression on that little girls face about sums it ALL up for me these days!!!

Plan on  a Vlog soon!



Vlog Taxes & Chat

Hi guys!  Thought I would chat at ya today!


Here’s the link to my $2000 tax time! That was no fun!


Well the only consolation is this is the last time!!!!

I also shared my crockpot drama:

I bought that for $5.00 a few years ago!  I got my monies worth!

Well I  am gonna leave you with a chuckle:

 Have a great rest of your day!




Heavy sigh!  

I owe over $900 federal, and get a little over $200 back from state.  

The state goes directly to the trustee.

The $900 goes directly to uncle Sam!

This is the last year I have to turn this into the Trustee.

Five years of that is just too much!!!

So thats good.  

My latest worry is Syria.  What if we go into a war and the housing market tanks before I can sell!!???!!!  OMG!  Just what if?

(I mean I am concerned about those poor people too!)

Even in October when I am done, I might have to wait months for discharge before I can sell.  Life happens and these days, it happens fast!