Happy New Year!



Mish Mash

Its getting close to the end of the year and I am so ready to be in 2016! Its been a long haul since I started this journey. I filed in 2012 but actually started to consider it in 2008, so its really been a long, long process!

I am tightening up my budget and trying to push my way to the end!

Found this old Weight Watcher recipe:


So after my turkey soup is gone:


I am going to the 99 cent store to buy ingredients for the veggie soup. I can add protein to it as well! Cheap! I plan on eating a lot of soup and panini for a while! But first I need to blow through my pantry and eat things up!

On another note! I found out that Washington state doesn’t tax pensions, so I might as well research property there as well!


I think the feds do though no matter where you live!

Today is the last day to wear my holiday pin so I am taking advantage of it!


Cute huh?

Cannot wait to get out of here today! Kid has a tourney tomorrow so I am having TW come and fix her Cable.

It hasn’t worked since I downsized my cable service! But she watches Netflix on her iPad. Which by the way I am going to hook up to my tv up to my laptop via HDMI, hopefully.

Let’s see… What else can I share (bore) you with? I think thats about it!

I sure hope my health holds up next year and I hope the time passes quickly!

Other than that it is just one foot in front of the other!


Panini Love

Good morning from Back To Work! Yuck!

Yesterday I binge watched Alone! Have you seen it? Ten guys dropped off in forrest in Pacific Northwest, last man standing wins 500k.

If that guy can endure that, then I can endure this!

Ok back to Panini Love!

I have been wanting a panini press for ever but the Griddler by Cuisinart is about 100.00! I found this at Target for 23.00!


We have been Panini fools! I found a way to make gluten free ones cheap enough!

I start with this:


Add this:


Add chicken, grilled veggies and low fat cheese:


Add some dairy free butter, but not really needed.



Then press until golden, crunchy brown!


Then climb back onto the couch and binge watch Alone on the History channel!

This is a great way to use up left over turkey and ham from the holiday!

Oh and I actually brought one for lunch today! I am not mad at that! 😝

Have a great day!


Last Holiday Day

Until next week that is! I work a two day week once more! I could get used to this!

However, I did “work” yesterday!


My poor girl had a fever and so she was down for the count! I got a lot done. Bye bye tree!


I packed up all the ornaments by color this year!









Now i just need to pack them in the garage and get ready for the new year!

Santa bought a panini maker. She paid 23.00 at Target!

So I decided to grill up a bunch of veggies to have in advance. That makes it very easy!



I made myself the first panini with GF bread:


And this lovely pesto! (And look, I always wanted trees for a view) 👍



Today I am tired and I still have lots to do around here!

I love the time off with my kid. I better go see how she is feeling today then I need to get online and check out my damaged checking account and see what I can do to juggle that mess!

How long do you leave your decorations up?

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Low Key Perfection

From the moment I woke up until I went to sleep, I felt like it was the perfect low stress Christmas!

I made a breakfast casserole, my second year in a row. I made this last Christmas for my family in Oregon.


Its becoming a Christmas morning tradition.


My kid opened her presents, shortly after that her dad came over, then his older daughter and her fiancé popped by for drinks and chips and dip. That was spur of the moment, they brought their own vodka!

Then later we sat down to our very nontraditional meal.

I set the table, even though!


We had homemade rolls from my sister in law from Portland, wine from Secret Santa party at work, and I made a to die for turkey soup from our Thanksgiving turkey.


It was low key perfection. No drama! My kind of Christmas!

Hope you had a stress free day as well!


Wish I May

Wish I might
Have been able
To stay in bed
Until tonight!

Well yesterday was not good! After the Secret Santa (I got a pretty good bottle of Cab) I was sitting at my desk and BAM! Major tear tendering cramps from hell!

I took some tylenol and kept it together and made it through the day but when I got home, all hell broke loose!

FLARE! Damn it!

I cant say its out if nowhere, my eating and drinking (eggnog really?) made it bound to happen. It just felt so good to feel “normal” for awhile.

I had chicken broth for dinner, took some extra VSL#3, took my meds and went to bed.

This morning my BFF told me to open my gift from Portland!


Omg I could have put them on right then and there!


Thank you my dear friend!

PJs!!!! I needed some! I wish I could have slid into them and stayed in bed and calmed things down.

But Work Happens and tomorrow I can do that!