Bailey’s Morning

Hello! Its kind of cold here, but going to get colder next week after we leave!


Warmer at home!


I am taking advantage of all their comforts, including this:


With this:


And now I am waking up with my Baileys and some quiet time!




Last day here! Not sure whats on the agenda, but starting out slowly. Flare, shmare!

Have a wonderful day!



Log Cabin Christmas

Hello!  What’s planned for your Sunday?

When I got online this morning I wanted to check the weather here because my kid is golfing. Um… its in the 70s.  A bit windy, but she can deal with that if it doesn’t get too bad.

I cannot believe what the rest of the country is dealing with.  Beacon Hill,  Boston.  I have lived there and I’ve experienced Boston winters but not like that!


If you are under snow be warm, safe and stay in.  Make soup!  (Yesterday, my broth turned out perfectly gelled and loaded with collagen!)  Its my face lift in a pot.

Yesterday was a good day.  My kid stayed with me the whole day and really helped me out.

  • We got our grocery shopping done
  • Picked up a new pair of scissors so I can trim her hair
  • Picked up some polyurethane so I can seal an area around the sink
  • Bought a paper punch and ribbon so I can make the songbirds
  • Picked up and decorated our tree and more!

Then we watched a movie last night with the Christmas tree glowing.  Edgar Allen Poe.  Stonehearst Asylum.


This movie could be made into an iPad game easily.  Great twists and turns.  Typical Poe.

Back to the tree!   Years ago, when I thought I was loaded, I rented a cabin in Lake Arrowhead for New Years.  It was not that expensive to be honest and I shared the cost with a buddy. My mother came and joined us and I will not trade that memory for anything.

While we were there, I took advantage of some ornament sales and bought lots of log cabin themed ones.  My daughter used those to decorate our tree this year.  Yes, its early but I’m in the mood and now we are done.  I’m keeping it simple, just the tree. No other decor.  It feels really good.

Our tree comes from Oregon. They all do here.  We feel like we have a little piece of home in our living room.  I love it!


My girl did most of the work once we put it up.  Bringing up the boxes was enough for me!


She did a great job.


This bird and nest has been apart of my tree for almost 20 years, no matter the theme, she goes on it.


Very log cabin!


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cabin in the woods?


A place to escape to?


I would love to have a small, modest place.  A get away from it all.

IMG_8731 i

Where I could commune with the squirrels!  Ha!

We did set out a few of our friends.


I think it looks wonderful.


We added some burlap this year.  See the notes on it?  I think when I finish a few song birds and add them it will be nice.  Not too many though as I think it looks perfect just the way it is.


Our little Noble Fir cost $32.00 and is well worth it.

Today I will finish up laundry and cleaning and continue to putz around the condo.  I’m still in healing mode.  My hope of all hopes is that by by the time go home for a visit I will be in remission and able to spend quality time with my mother.

Have a great day all and stay well.


Rainy & Cold Golf Day

Hello!  I cannot believe I actually get to say (type) that.  Yes, since Friday night we’ve had rain and cold weather.  It rained most of the night and on our trip up north to the golf course on Saturday,  it poured.  We thought there could be a cancellation, but remember this tourney about a year ago?

Have you ever heard of Solvang, Ca?  A small Danish town in the middle of the rolling hills of California?  So quaint and pretty.

That’s where the tourney is this weekend and it is cold. It rained a bit during but it was still playable and the kids played on.

My daughter did so well.  I’m so proud of her scores.  Again she has a long way to go, but one of  the rules officials said that he wishes they had a most improved player award, it would go to her!  So proud!

Here’s some pics of the course for you.

It was early.  I mean really early.  We got up and 4:00 and were out of the house by 5:00.  Its  a good two hour drive and it was still dark when we got there.  It saved me a fortune by not  getting a hotel.  Some families camped but we don’t have that equipment.


This is the time when I wish I knew how to use my .iPhone camera better


It got light quickly.  Look at that fog!


Such a beautiful golf course.   I ask you is there a better way to spend time with your kid?  This is our game!


There she goes, heading down to hit some warm up balls on the range.


As you can see, I had my cart already.  It was so cold.  I even brought a blanket.  Later I used an umbrella as a wind shield.  I get an A for preparedness.


Not a bad iPhone pic!


Putting warm ups.




I wonder at times if I will I be able to actually move to Oregon when the time comes?  I think it will be a difficult decision mostly driven by the resources I have at the time.






After the game we drove thru town and stopped for a quick bite.




We split a Ruben (I used to have those with my mom) and then we split the most popular Solvang dish.  Ebelskivers. I have no idea how to spell that, so I looked it up.  There are very popular Scandinavian pancakes.  I am tempted to look for a pan at a thrift store.


Then we headed home.


PCH through Santa Barbara, Ventura then home.


You gotta love it here and I know when I retire and need to think about where to go that I will have a hard time leaving.  Once you leave here, its almost impossible to get back in!  The cost!  But that’s a borrowed worry and we don’t need that!

Today I am home cleaning and trying to play catch up.  I don’t want to leave the house at all if I can help it!  I might make a pot of chicken soup!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Mom’s Fur Babies

Today is moving day.  My mom is getting moved by my brother.  My sisters have been packing and going through my mom’s things since I left on Saturday.  Before I left, mom gave me these cute little kitties!

august 2014 796

Aren’t they cute?   I will keep them forever.

I told you I would share pics of her babies.  Lets start with the last one that she got.  This is Little Kitty:

august 2014 169

He came to live with my mom from somewhere in the complex.  He just showed up and strangely enough, her other two cats let him in.  So she found out where he came from and they gave him to her.  He needed so much love and she gave it to him.

]august 2014 199

Sweet boy:  When I stayed there he slept with me!

august 2014 785

Love Little Kitty!

This one is Pumpkin:

august 2014 141

More like a cream cycle!

august 2014 153

He has the prettiest face and my mom spoiled him rotten. 

august 2014 788

Now you have to meet Puddy Cat!

august 2014 163

My moms “perfect cat”.

august 2014 167

She loves this cat even though he needs to take a shot a day, bites her if she doesn’t get up on time, lays on her like she’s his cot and other various minor abuses!

She is keeping this special boy with her because she feels like nobody will love him like she does and he is “perfect” in her eyes!  “He looks just like a cat is supposed to look.”

august 2014 155

So there are my mom’s fur babies.  Pumpkin and Little Kitty are in their new homes with my sisters and they are doing well.

Mom and Puddy Cat are moving today and hopefully will be all settled soon!



Springwater Corridor–Portland Oregon

(Janelle, don’t miss this post!) Winking smile

One of the pics I posted the other day was taken on this path.  You have to check this out if you are in Portland!

springwater-ride-wts-2007-small1  (The Springwater trail 40 mile loop is a hard surface path about twelve feet wide)

Its an old train track and they turned it into a bike / walk path.  Its HUGE!

Carol's Springwater half century

I cannot wait to move back to Portland and make this part of my walk routine!  I have no idea where I will live, but this is pretty big and shouldn’t be too hard to live near!portland-bike-springwater

So next time you are in Portland or if you live there (lucky) check this out!

Ok, so I just need to post (vent) that I can’t even imagine this world without my mom in it.  I am 54 and she has always been THE ONLY person that really knows me, gets me and still loves me.  I know that going into the assisted living is the best because I know her meds will be given correctly and on time and she will be monitored, but I know what the inevitable is.

That is not BK related, but it is really part of my emotional life! I told you I would post about the ups and downs.   Its making it even harder to feel good about where I am.  The Cabo trip is weighing heavy on me like a huge boulder mistake right now. There is no way out of it.  I  just hope that I can try to enjoy it.

What a dumb ass I can be! ;-(

Sorry to vent!



Catch Up & Oregon

Hello all!

Back to work today!  It’s so crazy at work.  My boss is out of the country so we are even more short staffed than usual.

Even with the madness, I had to find time to run home and take my kid to her first practice for the High School Golf team.

Afterwards she told me her coach said she “kills” it!  She is doing so well, I think he (even if he is a creep) is really impressed.  I think the other coach is going to be just a volunteer, but hopefully, it will help.

This whole week is golf practice and registration for school is on Weds.  So we are off!  Sophomore year here we come!

When I started this process she was in 8th grade!  Time is passing.  I don’t think it’s passing fast, but it’s passing none the less!

We went school clothes shopping yesterday.  I did not stick to my budget.  Damn it!   But I told her that is it now, until Christmas, then we can freshen up her wardrobe again then.  Its only a few months away!  Can you believe that?

I still have not sold the ukulele or the Wii.  I’m bummed.  I will keep it in the paper until it sells!

My mom has given two of her cats to my sisters.  I reminded her that she can visit them anytime.  She is very sad.  They have been packing her stuff up since I left and hopefully, she will be settled and through this difficult transition process soon.  It’s the hardest part.

Here are more pics from my walk in Oregon.

The coolest path!




I think this is Queen Anne’s Lace, I love it.


We all grew up next to this creek!





Blackberries! Wild.  I love the red ones!  Winking smile


And some beautiful wild flowers.



I miss home! 

Hope you are all well!



Quick Trip to Oregon


I am back from a quick trip to Portland to visit my mom.

Sad news.  She is not doing well.  Or maybe I should say she is doing as well as can be expected for a 93 year old woman with congestive heart failure and her kidneys are failing.

A long story short.  She needs to be moved into an assisted living center and so I needed to be there to ensure that she was not alone at all until that could happen.  My brother sent for me.  Now my mom is being moved and family has gathered and she will be moved possibly as soon as next Tuesday.

The saddest part of all of this, there are many sad parts,  is that she has to choose between her cats as she can only have one.

She has three and they are big babies.  I will show you pics of them at another time.

But for now, I want to share a walk that I took yesterday morning when one of my sisters came and gave me a break.


Doesn’t this look way different than my usual lake walks or my break time trail?


Can I just say that I cannot wait to move back home?



So beautiful this country.


I cannot wait to become an Oregonian again.


You can take the girl out of the trees, but you can’t take the trees out of the girl.

More later on the trip and my mother soon.

I hope you are well friends.