Simple Low Cost Things to Do

Here is a list of things to do that are low cost or free to do.

1. Blogging
2. Hiking
3. Driving Range
4. Beach
5. Exercise Walking
6. Riding Bikes around the neighborhood
7. Pool time
8. Garage sales / Thrift store shopping (Don’t go and save even more)
9. Homemade dinner with Friends
10. Movie Night at home – Use Netflix
11. Writing
12. Library – Check out books and DVDs – READ
13. Volunteering/community service
14. Arts & Crafts
15. Museums
16. Free Movies from Cable Company
17. Free games on my iPad or iPhone
18. Create Vision Boards
19. Listen to Free Meditations
20. Clean and organize your home, enjoy what you have. (Cleaning Schedules)
21. Fix it yourself!  Faucet, toilet handles to Electrical.  Google it! You will be amazed at what you can do!
22. Replace furniture as needed with used.  You save a fortune and realize how much money you have wasted on new!
23. Take free classes online at Coursera or Alison.  There are many MOOC that are worth the time to take!

If you have any suggestions for this list, please send them to me!



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