Monopoly Freebies

Hi guys!  I went and picked up my freebies at the market!

Heres the receipt:

I saved:

Not bad right!

Even if you are not playing Monopoly, take the tickets and keep the freebies!  Just take those tickets back and get your loot!

I did it as a separate transaction and made sure not to buy anything because last time I used them in my regular shopping trip I was not given freebies!

So save and use the tickets!  You don’t have to play to use te free coupons!



Happy Monday

Another day, another dollar…to the tax man!

Speaking of which… I gotta get those done!

My list for today:

Find my kid a new doctor… she has outgrown her pediatrician and she wants a female.

Get my taxes done!  Ugh!

Go to Albertsons and pick up my freebies:

I find its best to do it separate from grocery haul because they sometimes charge you.  Its best just to go for just the freebies to be sure.

Hope all is well with you guys!



Break Time Walk

Ok first if all… the pear was so sad! It was bland!  Lesson learned!

Back to work today! Breaktime walk share!

Lots of mustard and lupin:

Thats the most lupin I have seen in years!

Must be all the rain we had!

Also just a share of the Wisteria!  Smells devine!

Hope you enjoy the pics!

Today I figured out part of graduation costs.

$100.00 Prom (not including dress, shoes or limo)

$130.00 grad night trip 

$43.00 online store crap

Now gotta figure out grad night dinner and gift!  

Omg Send Xanax!



$2.00 for One PEAR!

Hi guys!  Yesterday I hiked Wildwood.  It was pretty!  The weather has been perfect here.

Then today my friend wanted to do my lake walk.  So we did that!  

Then after she wanted to go to the Farmers market by me.  She eats really healthy.  So we did that!  I had a few bucks…

Anyway  it was a great way to start the day! In spite if the $2.00 freaking pear.  😜

So I wrapped it all up and will have that for lunches
 this week.

FYI corned beef explodes when you microwave it.  Yeah that happened.

So now just hanging out at home, cleaning and relaxing allat the same time.  

Later I will eat the damn pear!

Do you shop at Farmers Markets?  Its expensive!  I would not make a habit out of it, I’m in it for the samples!  😜

Have a great rest of your day!