Seems like ages since I posted!  

Been busy painting deli sheets for some covers I am making:

I made some large tags for the fun of it!

I made some spring time tags for a swap:

And playing in my art journal:

So as you can see, I have been trying to stay busy and keep my nose clean!

Will catch up with you soon.



Reveal Sort Of

Hi guys!  Hope you are having a relaxing weekend!

I am so exhausted myself.  Between last week at home and work being so physical, its been rough.

I did want to share a little walk thru though.

I still feel its crowded.  I moved so much out of my closet and room, I dont understand why so crowded still!  Even the big dresser has been moved but it still feels awful to me.

I never EVER want a huge craft room because it will just get filled up.  Maybe a small shed?

I think I will try to do another pass and get rid of what I can before garage sale next weekend!

My brother sent me a home depot card so off to get a few things and stop at Dollar Tree this aftrenoon.  I didnt leave the house yesterday!

Check out the sort of “reveal”.  I just wish it looked and felt like I envisioned!  😔

Have a great rest if your weekend.
I think it will get there!



Total Savings:  63%

Hi guys!  I am not ready to reveal the condo yet because I need to sweep and mop!  Can’t wait to share the first pass of cleaning and purging.

My handyman and his wife came by to give est on painting the place.  Will get that number soon.  Fingers crossed its reasonable.  He is avail in July.

In the meantime:

I am so happy to share this savings I got from the market last night!

I paid $32.00 for $88.00 worth of groceries!

I had a ton of free items from the Monopoly game, including 3 32 oz bags of shredded cheese that went into the freezer.

Yesterday morn I had coupons for 15 doughnuts and picked them up for the office.

The were generous this year.  Can’t wait for next year!

Hope all is well!



Overwelming is an Understatement!

This last three days has been a real eye opener for me!  

This doesn’t even show how bad it really was!  It felt completely devastating!

This came from my closet! Some came from the large brown dresser I moved into my kids room.

 I am completely freaked out about it.

My kid had to talk me down as I am now convinced I am a hoarder.  But:

The fact is this:  or at least this is my story and I am sticking to it:  

I started crafting and playing in mixed media art 2 years ago.  So for 2 years I have been on the hunt for crap to use in my “art”.  

This is not working out for me!  Its really awful and I decided that most of it has to go!  So a lot of what you see has already been boxed up and donated!

Some of it has been moved to the garage for a sale.

From now on, If I need something for a project I will get it, use it and then toss it!  No more saving!  Its not worth it to me!

I finished with the first pass.  I also got some pretty boxes to help store the keep stuff.  Now I just have to go thru again and purge now that it is more manageable.

So if you are in need of a good closet purge, pull up your hair, grab a glass of your fav beverage, put on some James Tayor and be ruthless.

Its just stuff and it can be replaced on an as needed basis!  

I can’t wait to give it another pass through on Friday and then I will post a reveal!  

I gotta wash the curtains and all that first!

I think just pulling it all out and doing it the way I did is not for sissys!  Its like jumping in the deep end to see if you can swim!


Have a great day and can’t wait to share the results soon!



Craft & Closet Overwhelm

So yesterday I tackeled the couch and windows.  The window frames were filthy and had to be scrubbed before hanging white curtains.  Something tells me I might be sorry about that color choice but for now its so REFRESHING!

Now today I tackle my closet and craft area!  Its insane!  I am a freaking minimalist (sort of) and these spaces are killing me!

I had bad news from my doctor, it appears if I go into a flare we cannot up my meds!  I have seen signs of a flare (ulcerative colitis) coming and so I want to get all this done!  I can barely make it to work and home during a flare.  Its debilitating. 😞

And they get progressivly worse and and harder to reach remission.  I have had a few good years in this drug, so I am grateful for that.  But nervous about how to tackle my next inevitable flare.

Ok back to the fun stuff!  Go check out the vlog!



Cheap Upgrades

Well this was fun!

Lots to do!  But its actually fun seeing it change up!

Tomorrow I tackle my closet!

These are the things I want to cover with the extra panel.

Anyway, getting lots done!

That 50.00 couch was THE BEST purchase To Date!  Its still drying.

That was only my second used couch.  It took me awhile to get over the ick factor but trust me… Oxiclean kills everything including your skin!