Off to College – Empty Nest

It is official I am an empty nester!


I worried this whole time (the last five years in BK) how all of this would play out! All of these things are so costly and being in a Chapter 13 on a tight-ass budget is no easy feat!
Here is a list of the BIG things that I had to worry about:
• High school sports and tournament costs
• Tutoring for the ACT test
• Driving lessons
• Getting a driver’s license
• Purchasing a car with no credit or me being able to cosign
• Car insurance, maintenance and gas
• Senior pics, cap, gown, and celebration
• Prom dress and celebration
• Eighteenth birthday celebration
Now tack on college tuition/books as well as housing and allowance as she is living near her college. She drove 100 miles a day to get to and from campus until she moved and it was too much driving and very scary.

It has been a crazy row to hoe, but we are almost there.
I cannot begin to tell you how this journey has taught me the value of a dollar and how to be so frugal that you can make anything happen.
Now this weekend I have to go to her area and thrift store shop for a dresser and a bed. Hopefully, I can find something online.
OMG… Listen to this. She left me 4 huge bags of clothes to donate when she left. I went through them and realized I could probably sell them. I hopped online and sold all the bags as a bundle and got $120.00! Now that will go toward her furniture. I did not tell her that I sold her clothes but then next time she comes home I will see if she has anything else to “donate”. 😉
I will post soon as this all plays out.




You Have Got To See This!

Heres my kids bed:

Right across from my bed:

There is a curtain ( ah hem) sheet 

hanging so that the cool air provided by this:

Is not lost down the hall!  I swear its another freaking country its so hot back there!

This is on my stove:

Yeah that cost a couple bucks at a thrift store, I have always wanted to try it!

But just one more time can I tell you how over this I am?

Tomorrow bad news coming! 

I swear!!!   This is not for wussies!!!

Ok so the dehydrator is a small distraction but with my luck it will burn the place down!  

Oh wait,that could be good!




Holy Crap!  I knew it was gonna be hard but this is redic!

June kicked my butt!  

400.00 portable AC

600.00 car repair daughter

300 car repair me

300 Gracie Vet

300.00 college expense

Like OMG Please July!  I have to catch my breath!

But… the other day my washer stopped right in the middle of a cycle!!!  I played with knob, kicked it then walked off.   Half hour later I did the same and it started back up!

So yeah that might happen!

I just keep looking at the calender and praying to get to the last payment as a still mentally functioning human being!

The five year chapter 13 is too long!  Its mentally and physically draining!

I would not do it again to be honest!

But lets see if I dont change my tune once its over! 😁