Payment Countdown – 60 of 60

60 – November  Paid
59 – December  Paid

58 – January  Paid
57 – February Paid
56 – March Paid
55 – April Paid
54 – May Paid
53 – June Paid
52 – July Paid
51 – August Paid
50 – September Paid
49 – October Paid
48 – November Paid
47 – December Paid

46 – January Paid
45 – February Paid
44 – March Paid
43 – April Paid
42 – May Paid
41 – June Paid
40 – July Paid
39 – August Paid
38 – September Paid
37 – October Paid
36 – November Paid
35 December Paid

34 – January Paid
33 – February Paid
32 – March Paid
31 – April  Paid
30 – May Paid
29 – June Paid
28 – July Paid
27 – August Paid
26 – September Paid
25 – October Paid
24 – November Paid
23 – December Paid

22 – January Paid
21 – February Paid
20 – March Paid
19 – April Paid
18 – May Paid
17 – June Paid
16 – July Paid
15 – August Paid
14 – September Paid
13 – October Paid
12 – November Paid
11 – December Paid

10 – January Paid
9 – February Paid
8 – March Paid
7 – April Paid
6 – May Paid
5 – June Paid
4 – July  Paid
3 – August Paid
2 – September Paid
1 – October  Paid!!!!!!!!

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22 thoughts on “Payment Countdown – 60 of 60

  1. I think you are brave to blog about your journey. Best of luck to you. I hope you have a great celebration at the end to celebrate. And I hope you continue blogging about life beyond 60 payments.

  2. I’m in the process of gathering the financial information and it seems like such a huge undertaking. Pretty nervous about coming up with over $4,000 dollars before filing. Very nervous. I am Iiking what I am reading here and this seems like the worse part, getting started.

    • Hi Trapper, Its a real emotional struggle to get a 13 off the ground. Its scary and there is the personal side that is so hard!

      But the laws are in place for a reason, for good people to find a way back on track!

      A 13 payment should not feel like a punishment although sometimes it feels like forever.

      Just get all your paperwork in order, make sure you check out and see what you are allowed.

      Getting a lawyer and going through confirmations, setting up payments will all be behind you at some point.

      We just need to keep our eyes on the end result of this financial decision!

      Best if luck, come back soon!


      • Thanks, Debtgirl,

        Right, the paperwork looks ominous and I think I need to wait two more weeks before I can afford to pay the 50 percent down on the lawyer. Also, I think my wife who is not the filer, is getting a little nervous going over her credit card payments which I have to report to arrive at disposable income. This is okay with me, but, it seems hard.

    • Thank you! I really try to stay positive, not always, but I try!

      I can understand your wifes fear but if she is not a filer, its all the better I think, there will be some “normalcy” still for both if you!

      Look at the blog list, I added some BK specific links. Look at the allowances on US COURTS to help with your expenses.

      Its not a death sentence (tell her) but a financial tool that can help set you up for life.

      They say if you cant dig yourself out in five years by yourself, you should file.

      Oh and atty should be paid in plan. I had to give some upfront, I think 2k. Then he scored in plan!

      🙂 Best to you both!

  3. Just found your blog again after another move….etc. Your almost there and I am so happy for you! We ended up paying our 36 mo Chapter 13 off 6 months early and wrapped it up 12/14. I cannot tell you how relieved we were to have that behind us. Since then we have not applied for any CC’s and have managed to build up a little savings and move back to CO from TX. To build credit I have an Amazon store card and use PayPal when I can for the 6 mo interest free but pay it off usually in 60 days, I also make sure that I have the funds to pay it off immediately if need be. Lot of lessons learned, Alas DH does have a truck payment now since his 8 YO truck with 250,000 miles just wasn’t worth repairing any longer. My 11 yo truck with 100000 miles is still going strong and hopefully we can pay his off before I need a new one.

    Can’t wait to finish this journey with you!

    • Hey there!!!! Nice to see you again, I wondered about you!!!! You did it, congrats!!! I sure cant wait to post that I have made it too!

      It sounds like you have made some great new habits! Congrats!

      Big hugs!!!

  4. I just found your page. I filed Chap 13 when, like you, I hemmed and haw’d about it for a while. My husband was out of work and we were trying to figure out how to make it. Finally filed end of January this year. I didn’t see what your monthly payment is? Did you payments ever go up?

    • Hi New! Sorry you had to file but glad u found me!

      I havent really said what my payment is. Not sure why, just keepinv sone things close.

      No my payment never went up! Knock wood! I still have until October!

      I half expected it to at various times but I just kept my head down and stayed away from the lawyer and the trustee! I fugure out of sight out of mind.

      I wish you all the best! Its not easy! Five years is soooo long! But once you file you just have to do it!

      Best of luck to you and your family!

    • Hi Angie! Sorry you are in this position but glad you found me! There are great resourses out there. How long are u in for? The key is to keep busy!!! Tell me a little about it if u want!


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