Plan Events Updated 10/20/17

This is my journey, the plan, and events pertaining to the Chapter 13.

Met with Attorney to go over preliminary questions


Sign docs at Law office


LAM Motion Filed

Took 2nd Credit Counciling Class online (I took the first one a few weeks ago)

2nd payment to Trustee, (must be paid 30 days after filing)!

341 Hearing
Postponed Continued

LAM Motion Hearing (lien strip) Postponed

Told today, 12/6 to bring the payment to the law office.

341 Hearing  (went smoothly I think, trustee a little rude in hindsight)

January check of Credit Score  TANKED

3rd payment made

Question:  Got a letter from Trustee objecting to some exemptions.  I emailed the law office, I wonder if this is just normal procedure?
Answer:  Received email from law office, it was a clerical error and has been corrected, we are on schedule for confirmation next week.

January 15, 2013
February check of Credit Score

Confirmation Hearing and CONFIRMED!

February 12, 2103
LAM Motion Hearing (Lien Strip)  Continued.

April 2, 2013
Credit Score

April 9, 2013
Approved and Confirmed.  I now start making payments to trustee instead of lawoffice.

April 12, 2013
Recieved exit letter for Attorney and under separate cover a copy of his claim against the BK.  funny!
Also recieved a credit card application in the mail, preapproved.  HUH???  Not gonna happen!

April 15, 2013
Signed up for Autopayment directly to trustee office.

April 17, approved for autopay!

April 2013 (Extra payment made by mistake, right before autopay starts) (tax refund sent in)

I AM SO STUPID and it cost me 400.00.
I was approved for autopay, but the law office told me to make my payment via a money order, so I did.  Then I get a notice the the autopay will be on the 20th, so guess what, May got two payments.  DAMN IT!  I needed it, my kids birthday.  The only thing that saves me is that I get  3 paychecks and I have been ultra careful!!!!  But GAH!!!!!!!

May 31st.  Just an update to say… time is CRAWLING right now!  May was the longest month!

June 4, 2013 Approved for a real Credit Card, in the amount of $300.00.  8 months after filing. Found out the card was expensive and called and made sure it was closed.

September 2013 Credit Scores

October 2 2013 – One Year Anniversary

January 19, 2014 – General Update

February 2014 – Received Trustee Yearly Statement

February 2014 – Received a court document that states one of the creditors is changing attorneys.  Nothing needs to be done on my part.

March 2014 – Sent 2013 taxes to the Trustee.  No refund this year and I owe approx.$1200.00~  Paid by saved grocery money, clothes money and car maintenance budget.  Whew!

(Extra payment made by mistake, right before autopay starts) (tax refund sent in)

August 2014 Credit Score – 655. Not much movement!  About the same as this time last year!  Meh, it’s fine!  I can work on it when this is finished!

September 2014 Update and Debt Numbers

Two Year anniversary!

October 2014 Credit Score

12/1/14 Property Tax Increase / Escrow Account

January 2015 Credit Score

Almost half way – Random Thoughts

February 2015 – Received Trustee Yearly Statement

March  – 2014 taxes, OUCH

April 2015 Half Way!!!

April 2015 Credit Score

April 2015 HELOC forgiven by Chase

Three Year Anniversary

December 2015 Credit Score

February 2016 Credit Score

February 2016 Recieved Trustee yearly statement.

October 20 2017 – called atty and he said he will get the ball rolling to stop the autopay and get things ready for audit!



5 thoughts on “Plan Events Updated 10/20/17

  1. It is great that you are keeping everything organized. Writing it all down helps you calm negative thoughts and focus on the items that are being done. Great job! I need to be more like that!

    I’m also giving some thought to walking away from my condo (i know you kept yours) since it has devalued quite alot and will never go back up much. Can i know how you came to your decision of keeping the condo?

    • Hello and welcome!
      I have to organize all the paperwork now, that is on my To Do list.

      There are a few reasons I kept my condo, even though it is not ideal. It is small and there is only one bath.

      I looked around at rents and realized that I could not rent out an apt or house for as little as my condo first mortgage payment and HOA. That was huge.
      I was able to include the 2nd mortgage and small 3rd in lien strip, so that at the end of the 5 years, I will not be underwater at all and might be able to rent it out or sell or whatever. Maybe just keep it because my kid will be older (18) by then and the size will be perfect.

      The location of the condo is GREAT.

      I have two cats I didn’t want to drag around town finding rentable places.

      The list goes one why I decided to keep it and strip the liens. I think it was a huge financial decision and will help me in the long run, IF it works. That remains to be seen!

      Are you in Orange County California?

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