Back On The Trail

Still walking on my break! It keeps me sane! As can be.

The path I usually walk is getting paved so I headed back up the hill.

The last time I hiked the hill I was able to call my mom.

Miss her dearly! That was a painful realization.










Hi mom.



Hot! Again!

Seems like we constantly live in the glare of the sun.


I am over it, but still made myself walk today.

Under my umbrella.





I stopped in the only shade out there at this time of day to take these pics for you.

Whew, could not wait to get back in the office and out of the heat.

Hows the weather where you are?


Getting Fit

You know that my hiking boots are well worn out.  I really do get good use of them every day I am at work.  When I walk at home, I walk on pavement around the lake, so I wear tennies.

Today I caved and went online and bought a new pair of hiking boots for work.  I also bought a workout DVD a couple of days ago that arrived yesterday!  That was not cheap.  I bought it so I could share it with my BFF in Portland!


Have you seen this on PBS?


23 minutes each – great for lunchtime!


I hope this helps!

I went online to Big Five and found some new (cute) boots for under $20.00.  Okay, this is California, there is always tax, but the shipping was quite expensive.  I still came in close to $30.00, so not too bad.


I think these are the cheapest I am gonna find.


I actually like them the best of their selection anyway.


The blue is different and a nice change.


Looking forward to a padded insole.  OMG, at my age, I think good (or at least not worn out) shoes are important!  I had them shipped to work, it will be great when they arrive.

I used to workout to videos in the back room on my lunch break as well as hike on my breaks.  I want to start working out in the back again and that’s why I bought these vids.  I really need to incorporate stretching into my day.  I am not spring chicken and I think its time to get back on that bandwagon.

Do you stretch?  I will let you know how it goes.  Have a great day!  It’s hump-day!


Back To It

It already seems like the first if the year to me because I am back to work. Fortunately I only work 2 days this week! Its a good thing! I am working on getting healthy again. The meds are beating me up too! I am just a mess!

I am not going to let it get me down!!!

I dragged myself out for a walk at break just to get the blood circulating.



Its green again here.




But not as green as my last walk:


Cali is pretty though! Today there was some frost.



Now that is over I need to get into my day and get as much done as I can. Hope you are having a great day!


One Wet Sunday

I loved every. single. drop!

I waited for a little let up in the rain and then I laced up!


It was beautiful outside.


We are not blessed with weather like this often enough.


I took advantage of every second I was out.


I turned off my iPhone music just to listen to the rain.


Thank goodness I brought my umbrella.


It makes me miss Oregon more than ever.

Go Ducks!


The California ducks are loving it as well.


The lake was so pretty in this different weather.


Hey, that’s not how this works.


I really need that umbrella cause it opened up!


It just continued to pour for the whole hour I was out there!FullSizeRender14

What a difference a day makes.


Gracie waited at home warm and cozy for me.


I didn’t leave the house at all on Sunday after my walk.  I stayed by the Christmas tree, lit candles and found some free old movies on demand.

Didn’t spend a dime!  Yes!

What a wonderful way to spend a rainy, Sunday afternoon.

How was your Sunday?


Last Day Off

Back to work tomorrow!  Wow, did that go fast or what?

I did get a lot done these past five days and that includes relaxing as well.  It was nice while it lasted.

Yesterday I was able to get a short hike in while my kid worked with her coach.  My gosh, she is hitting her driver over 230!!!


I feel so fortunate to have trails just about every where I need them, including near her golf coach.


Its cooling off here and we are in for some rain!  Yay!


We need water!


If its not too bad, I will walk in it next week anyway.

These trails sure could use some rain.  It’s dry out there!


I grew up in the rain, it didn’t kill me!

We stopped at Marshall’s on the way home and found our PJs for the trip! (P.S. and by the way… there was nobody there.)


These are for me,  we got a pretty good deal.


These are for the kiddo and she scored too!


Pretty colors huh?  Very Oregon!


So that is done.  Crossed off the list.

Got my soup in the crock pot and today I plan to walk the lake while my kid is golfing with her dad.

I  really must get back out there and keep it up!  I was inspired by this post yesterday on Prairie Eco-Thrifter by Miss. T. Its so important to get some exercise every day for many reasons!

I have a ton of stuff to do at home to get back myself back into work mode.  Its been nice being able to have some time at home to heal.

I have a long way to go before I’m old enough or have enough resources to retire, so I think I’ll  just go ahead and go back to work on Monday.   Good idea huh?

Enjoy you day where ever you are and get some exercise!  You’ll feel better! Promise.  (That little sermon was for my benefit as well, it is so hard to do anything when you are sick.)